Chamboree 2018

Every 4 years Cheshire Scouts hold a huge jamboree attracting over 6000 Scouts from 23 countries spending 1 week enjoying unforgettable experiences, participating in amazing activities and cultural events. This is Chamboree and it’s awesome on epic scales.

Chamboree 2018 was no exception, not least because Chief Scout Bear Grylls became an honorary member of our group, as the photo below testifies.


The 2018 edition theme was Pirates and the Cubs certainly entered into the spirit come opening night.


Spike reached new heights at the stunt base on the high jump.


Land watching


Cubs getting into the pirate spirit in readiness for the opening ceremony.


It’s not every day you get to go scuba diving in a field in the middle of rural Cheshire!


The gateway to our campsite looked amazing, complete with 3rd Macc skull and crossbones plus a rainbow to boot.


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