Hike to the Moon!

Walk 240,000 miles in one day they said! Equal to the distance to the moon. This was UK Scouting’s seemingly impossible challenge to young people across the UK as part of BBC’s Big Night In raising money for Comic Relief and Children in Need.

With so many members across the land, if we all covered 1 mile at least 240,000 miles didn’t seem so impossible as long as we did it together. Naturally 3rd Macc couldn’t resist playing our part and rose to the challenge. Of course this was right in the middle of lockdown so we each took part as families. Being part of something as huge as this felt fantastic!

In all 45 members covered at least one mile up and down the stairs, dashing round the garden, and short walks in the local area too.

Not that we are at all competitive, but here’s the breakdown of the distances per section. Well done Cubs, you pipped the Scouts to the achieve the greatest distance.

Beavers: 13.76 miles
Cubs: 63.29 miles
Scouts: 59.66 miles
Leaders: 69.12 miles
Parents: 25.74 miles

Several group members added a twist to their walk either in fancy dress or by making it even harder. Here are a few highlights.

Hiking to the moon on stilts
Martin walked backwards dressed as a unicorn

3rd Macc takes part in World Record attempt with 84,000 Scouts around the world during lockdown

During lockdown we’ve been keen to find ways to transcend the isolation it creates. Those regular weekly meetings at the hut can’t happen but we are still managing to infuse fun into our members lives, take them a million miles away from the worries in the world.

Camp at home complete with fire

We had an incredible night on 30th April at 3rd Macc taking part in #CampAtHome, a world record attempt organised by Northumberland Scouts to get as many people camping on one day as possible. 28 families from our group joined in along with 67 Countries all over the globe including Croatia, Hong Kong, Malawi, Czech Republic, Mauritius & Grand Cayman.

Families from 3rd Macc across Macclesfield set up dens, tents inside and even braving hail outside in bivouacs. Brothers and sisters joined in on the fun too. Here’s a fun video of a front room takeover.

The event was a perfect distraction for our young people and they were able to get creative, have little adventures and feel safe in a time which has created a lot of anxiety. Even some mums and dads camped out too! All good practice for when we are back to normal and our group camps can happen.

A sense of togetherness despite lockdown – 3rd Macc Online campfire

So we at 3rd Macc have a long track record and good reputation for rowdy fun campfires. Several of our adults are excellent campfire leaders, so it seemed only natural in the middle of lockdown we’d have a campfire right? Yes really!

In the true spirit of Scouting, and despite the COVID-19 lockdown, leaders from 3rd Macclesfield Upton Priory Scout Group found a way to create a sense of togetherness. On 17th April 2020 we gathered online for a very special camp fire.

75 families across Macclesfield joined us via Zoom

Joined by special guests Tim Kidd UK Scouts Chief Commissioner and David Giles Macclesfield & Congleton District Commissioner the night was an opportunity to forget all the worries of the world for an hour of unbridled fun and hilarity. We even made a highlights film so you can what crazy songs and dances we did!

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 21.17.44

Matt Lucas Baked Potato song

75 families across Macclesfield all singing MattLucas Baked Potato song in “perfect” harmony at our Online Campfire. That’s the way to lift spirits and overcome the isolation of COVID-19 lockdown 3rd Macc style.

Some imaginative spuds too. Thanks Matt for infusing the nation with positivity and fun! #NHSheroes