Embers 2020 International Campfire Festival

Embers International Campfire Festival is to be held July 4th 18:00 BST. There’s still time to register and all involved in Scouting and Guiding are invited. All sections, individuals, families (including siblings), groups and leaders are welcome no matter where in the world you are!

If you want to join in last minute Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2UP5xvqlKc from 17:45 to attend

Watching for different time zones

To allow Embers to be truly global, and at a sociable hour, immediately after the event finishes we will upload a recording for you enjoy at a time of your choice. A link will be sent via this newsletter.

See where groups are joining us from

Watch our event trailer for a taste of what’s to come!

Free songbook

Download our free Embers 2020 Song Book featuring every song in our set list so you can follow along and join in. There are plenty of repeat after me songs!

Frequently asked questions

Is the content family friendly?

The event content has been produced in line with Scouts safety and safeguarding rules, government guidelines at the time of production. All material is family friendly and suitable for all ages

Can I buy badges?

Pre-ordering of limited edition high quality woven badges is now open via our online shop. We are expecting high demand for these badges and recommend you order as soon as you are able.

Single badges are now available, along with 10 and 15 packs for groups. We ship to most countries, if yours is not supported, use the web shop contact form and we’ll be sure to help.

Credit card: Order your badges now via our online store.
Bank Transfer and Cheque: is possible via this dedicated secure form.

Can I watch via Zoom with my group?

Yes! To help your group feel part of a mass participation event we recommend, if you have a Zoom account available, holding a “watch party”.

Simply organise a zoom meeting to coincide with our event and invite members of your group. The host can then visit the web address of the YouTube Live broadcast and share their screen. In doing so, and being able to see other members of your group joining in, Embers will be even more fun.

Naturally each group is responsible for their own safeguarding and rules of conduct for these Zoom meetings.